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Blue bin

Recycle bin

Please remove film portion before placing hard plastic in the recycling bin.
Cassette/VHS tape
Please remove film portion before placing hard plastic in the recycling bin.
Cassette/VHS tape
Includes small metal household items (broken pots and pans, not appliances or electronics).
Remove plastic lining (if any) and bundle with plastic bags.
Paper and plastic egg cartons okay. No polystyrene foam.
Shredded paper can be recycled if placed in a brown paper bag, stapled shut, and labeled "SHREDDED" on the outside. Otherwise, please put shredded paper in the composting bin.
Bundle clean, dry film plastic inside a tied plastic bag the size of a basketball. Newspaper bags, deflated bubble wrap and air pillows okay.

Compost bin

Bones okay.
Food scraps
Compost natural corks in your green bin. If plastic, put in blue bin. If you have many corks, you can drop them off at a reuse vendor.
Organic material
Black landfill bin

Landfill bin

Glassware, excluding glass bottles/jars, should be donated or placed in the trash bin. Broken bottles and jars can be placed in the blue recycling bin.
Broken glass & pottery
Disposable ice packs (plastic filled with a gooey substance) are difficult to recycle.
Reuse when possible. If your ice pack came with a meal delivery kit, contact the meal kit provider to see if they have a take-back program.
Disposable ice packs
Bags for coffee beans have a plastic liner fused to paper. Large to-go foil bags (inside coffee boxes) have mixed materials.
Mixed materials
baby and disinfectant, disinfectant wraps
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Potato chip bag, Pringle container, protein and candy bar, mylar
Shiny food wrappers
Items that do not belong in one of San Francisco's three bi

Special handling

Generated from a vehicle's engine. Often replaced when changing your vehicle's motor oil.
Auto supplies (motor oil & filters)
Donate clean and dry clothes and shoes to a local thrift store. Call to inquire if they accept other items such as bedding and linens.
Clothes, shoes, accessories
Eye glasses in good condition can be donated to some vendors.
Clothes, shoes, accessories
Donate to a designated drop-off location.
Household goods & kitchen appliances
No mixed materials, electronics, metal or batteries
Household goods & kitchen appliances
Absorb with paper towels and place in green compost bin. Collect and reuse it (first, strain out the food scraps). If you have a large amount, you can contact Recology to see if they are able to accept it (415-330-1400).
Household goods & kitchen appliances
Take to a designated drop-off location, listed below. Needles must be inside a Sharps Container. Free replacement sharps containers available.
Medicine & medical supplies